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Avatars for Change has just launched its $10,000 Change Your World Contest and Avatars for Change needs your help to win! Any Group that recruits 100 members by September 15th will be entered into the contest. Of course if our group wins, the money will be donated to charities! Help us win this contest and come learn more about Avatars for Change by joining our group on Razoo. But your main reason to join should be to support worthwhile causes.

– Jurin

You can read about it (and get involved) here:


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If people can’t change the world, maybe the avatars can

In the Metaverse, different worlds and cultures can meet and maybe change the world. Avatars can join together to bring all their worlds together into one, and into the world of the everyday human people, a virtual to RL immersion. It is my dream to see all these worlds join forces and change the internet as we know it.

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